Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Euthanasia Coming to Mainstream

Believe me..Euthanasia is on it's way to mainstream America. Soon we will have a whole bunch of smart people getting on television manipulating the language to make the unthinkable palatable to most Americans...and because our moral compass has been lowered, many will fall for the Orwellian language hook, line, and sinker. After all, how far of a stretch is it to imagine the benefits of "designer children" when right now 90% of children with Down Syndrome are killed in the womb.


Freedom Re-Founders said...

It's up to us, the little people to get the word out there. Hard to believe how so many allow this man to lead them with blind trust.

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mccommas said...

. Of course it’s coming. It’s called ObamaCare.

The proponents of the government takeover of healthcare were even so imprudent enough use euthanasia as justification for passage when Obama first proposed it. It would be a big money saver to just pull the plug on grandma they said. They complained (to horrified listeners) too much money is being spent on the last year or so of life as delaying death was a waste of money.

It sure ain’t a waste of money if it’s YOUR LIFE.

Goodbye choice; Hello Death Panels

John R. McCommas

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