Sunday, August 19, 2012

Does Ryan Have a Catholic Problem?

Hot Air does a great job reporting on this. Let's candidate voted in favor of snuffing out babies that survived an abortion. These were babies that, by a miracle of God, survived the abortion process. Obama was one of the only politicians in either party, in the entire country, that voted to deny them healthcare. Keep in mind, these are babies OUTSIDE the womb. Obama wants healthcare for everyone but babies that survive an abortion. This view is frigheningly similiar to Princeton University professor, Peter Singer, who believes it should be legal to kill children up to two years of age. There is a word for it, EUTHANASIA. Also...Obama wants to deny Catholic organizations religious liberty with the HHS Mandate. So, we have a group of so-called lay Catholics, with a website called, support the abortion loving, euthanasia enhancing, religious liberty denying Obama over Paul Ryan, because they don't like his budget. BaHaaaa! Uh...not gonna work. Ryan, has the support of his bishop, who stated unequivably that Catholics can disagree on budgets, but not on intrinsic evils (ie. abortion). Watch this video of Paul Ryan at Georgetown discussing his budget, and how it adheres to the Church's teachng on Solidarity and Subsidiary.